Precast concrete drainage structures from Design Precast & Pipe, Inc. are the right choice for the ever increasing storm water management and drainage needs of today’s civil constructor. Many hours are spent in the development of our structures to insure that the structures technical specifications exceed the requirements of the project engineers and plan designers.

Sizes & StandardsDesign Precast & Pipe produces many different sizes of precast drainage structure from small to large made to be cost effective but more importantly work with max productivity to a job site and be structurally sound.

Width Length Thickness Height
Base 2’ to 14’ 2’ to 20’ 6” through 36” 1.5’ to 10’
Riser 2’ to 14’ 2’ to 20’ 6” through 36” 1.0’ to 10’
Top 2’ to 14’ 2’ to 20’ 6” through 36”

All Drainage Structures conform to:

  • ASTM C858 – Underground Precast Concrete Utility Structures
  • ASTM C913 – Standard Specification for Precast Concrete Water and Wastewater


  • State DOT Specifications


Design Precast & Pipe make a variety of Drainage Structures each with a different purpose or job in a drainage system such as:

  • Yard Inlets (YI)
  • Drainage Inlets (DI)
  • Curb Inlet (CI)
    • Variety of different tops such as single wing and double wing
    • Common sizes are 3’x4’ and 3’x5’
  • Junction Box (JB)
  • Median Inlet (MI)
  • Grate Inlet (GI)
  • Others made by specification

We are providing the industry with precast concrete inlets and drainage boxes that are the highest of quality, constructed of superior materials by skilled craftsmen that take pride in their work. Comparing our structures with others is the only way to truly appreciate the effort that Design Precast & Pipe, Inc. takes in making the best built, best looking, and most functional drainage structure in the marketplace today.

Drainage Structures